Simplified daily reporting through less elements and increased intelligence

In the upcoming version of the Kubicom app, a whole new way of reporting performed services will be introduced. The driver or machine operator can from now on pause ongoing tasks, report parts of the performed service and see relevant information without leaving the ongoing task.


During week 48 a new version of the Kubicom platform will be released. The new version will simplify the daily reporting for drivers, machine operators and subcontractors of machine and transport services. The user will now be able to reach all crucial information related to an ongoing task, in a more efficient way.

– Our focus working with the upcoming release has been to expose the user to less elements through increased use of intelligence in the system. This also means that all you need during the day will be much more readily available, says Alexander Haraldsson, Head of development at Kubicom.

In addition to the simplified flow of reporting, multiple improvements have been made throughout the system and new smart features have been added. One of the new features is geotagging of images. This means that the driver or machine operator can take pictures while reporting a service and thereby get the image coordinates linked to the task or project. The pictures are shown directly in the map for a better overview.

Another feature launched in connection with the update allows businesses to customize which fields to display, hide and have mandatory during reporting.

– The idea with the new release is to simplify as much as possible for drivers and engineers so that they can fully focus on their tasks, whether it’s about short-term independent assignments or complex projects with high documentation requirements. At the same time, the client and the subcontractors’ own administrators will get the information they need day by day, concludes Alexander.

To access the new functionality, you need to update your Kubicom app. The browser version of the system is automatically updated.

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