PART 1: Three reasons why you should digitize your business

This is one of four parts of the article series ”Why you should digitize your business and how to do it” which will be published during July. The articles contain inspiration and concrete advice for those who think about digitizing their business. Enjoyed just as well on your lunch break, as at your summer resort.


Are you thinking of digitizing your business? Congratulations, you have already taken the first step towards a more efficient everyday life. Digitizing has many advantages, both long-term and short-term. Even so, a lot of businesses still use loose pieces of papers for reporting performed services. In this article, we present three (of many) reasons why you should start digitizing your business.


Less administration

By digitizing current analogous work tasks, you can significantly reduce and simplify administration. When the document flow is automated, all employees can spend more time on tasks that create direct values for the company instead of looking for and sending further documents. When a paper is to be handled by more than one person, the risk is also great that it gets lost somewhere in the process. By using digital documents and information, it can be accessed by everyone involved.


Minimize risks

When a document is digital, there is almost always a backup, and in most cases the material can be reached from different devices. This minimizes the risk of losing important contracts, data or other documents. The document is not only protected by, for example, a fire, but it does not run the risk of disappearing in the processen. Another risk factor when important issues are discussed over the phone or through physical paper is that it can be difficult to know what has been agreed upon. By digitizing these elements, all communication and history are saved and can be referred to afterwards. It is thus easy to keep track of which information is correct and what was actually said from the beginning.


Keep track of your information

By storing all your information digitally, in one place, you will always have an overview at the information flow. in the same minute as a person changes something, the information vill also be updated in your view, which means you have a full overview of all the info and all numbers in real time. The manual handling is reduced, which means that the risk of errors is minimized. It is also easier to administer which persons will be allowed to read and change the information.


Quicker accounting

By keeping your documents tidy and in good order will reward you with quicker accounting. It gives you the opportunity to instead spend time and resources on the development of the business. This also provides a better overview of cash flow, liquidity, earnings and taxes.