Robin Wallenius' 5 best tips for you who want to digitize your construction business

Thanks to the volition to invest in the digital, Robin Wallenius won ME’s Infrastructure Scholarship this spring. Today he runs and owns, together with his wife Helene, Grävfirma Anders Jansson AB. Robin not only has the volition, but also lots of good tips on how to get started with digitalization and what it takes to make it work in the long run.


  1. Every step towards digitalization must be carefully tested and evaluated before use. It must not ”stroll”. Negativity around the change is then created quickly. Review and introduction are incredibly important!
  2. Young people who come into working life have so much knowledge of the digital reality we live in. Take advantage of that. Everyone walks around with a smartphone in their pocket that can simplify a lot in everyday life.
  3. Continuously evaluate your everyday process and investigate how to make it more efficient with digital tools.
  4. Don’t be afraid to recruit young drivers. Instead, provide employees with the information needed for the work and when it is missing from the client, produce it. In this way, our younger inexperienced employees are also effective in the workplace.
  5. Dare! A combination of needs and curiosity for new technology has made us a company that is different from the crowd. You have all the prerequisites to do the same.