More than 700 resources are now available through Kubicom

More than 700 excavators, trucks and other construction machines with drivers are now reachable through Kubicom’s digital platform. The platform functions as an independent broker of machine and transport services and consists of multiple types of subcontractor businesses, from single machine owners to major corporations.   – The number of subcontractors who have recently joined…

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Hamneda Grus & Åkeri
Hamneda Grus & Åkeri initiates agreement with Kubicom

Hamneda Grus & Åkeri AB is now initiating an agreement together with Kubicom, a digital broker of machine and transport services. The purpose of the agreement is to digitize several previous analog and time-consuming workflows for Hamneda and their customers. At the same time Kubicom, with the help of Hamneda, will receive input, valuable for…

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Eltel Networks Oy initiates collaboration agreement with Kubicom

Eltel Networks Oy, a leading northern European supplier of technical services to the infranet industry, initiates collaboration agreement with Kubicom. The purpose of the collaboration is to facilitate the digitalisation of construction and infrastructure line of businesses and thereby make it more efficient and simple for clients and contractors to cooperate.   – Digitalization is…

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