Kubicom innovates and digitalises the industry

Kubicom is the right market place for you, whether you are looking for machine and transport services for your projects or you supply such services to customers. As a user of services, you generate a RFQ, free of charge, which is later available to all the suppliers that have the right expertise and the right geographical position for your building and construction assignment.

Kubicom is an independent machine and transport broker that in a unique and smart way manages purchase, implementation and follow-up from all the players in the market – in one place. With Kubicom the entire chain is more efficient from start to finish, to the benefit of both customer and the supplier.

Within the building and construction industry as a whole, and therefore within the machine and transport services segment, the use of new technology is generally low. Costs arising from quality defects and lack of communication are also high, as is shown by the industry’s own investigations. This is why Kubicom was founded, with the vision of helping both building and construction companies and their suppliers to greatly improve the working processes involved in purchasing machines and transport.

Kubicom is run by a team made up of entrepreneurs and experienced industry experts and is a wholly owned subsidiary of the CIMON group. We currently work with some of the most exciting players in their respective markets and we are located in Karlshamn, Stockholm and Malmö.

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