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We currently work with some of the most exciting players in their respective markets and we are located in Karlshamn, Stockholm and Malmö.

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(Head office)Pirgatan 13
374 35 Karlshamn


Stora Varvsgatan 2
211 19 Malmö


Långholmsgatan 34
117 33 Stockholm


Atlantinkatu 18
00220 Helsingfors

The team

Atle Andersen - Sales Director
Atle Andersen

Business developer with a passion for digitalization. 20 years of experience in developing profitable companies from scratch. Background in sales, IT and management.

Alexander Haraldsson

Civil engineering degree in computer technology, Lund University. Has a background as a system innovator who has previously participated in a number of technical start-ups. Responsible for the Kubicom system and its technical development.

Anders Olsson
Board member / Senior Advisor

Senior advisor and multiple board member. More than 30 year’s experience of the energy industry, including as vice CEO of E.ON Nordic for the last ten years. CEO before that of ES, an engineering and contracting company with more than 2,000 employees.

Emma Nilsson
Communication Manager

Responsible for Kubicom’s communication work. Previously worked in sales, customer relations and communication.

Fredrik Widerberg
Full-Stack Developer

Working with the development and maintenance of the Kubicom system.

Håkan Johansson

Responsible for the Kubicom system and its strategic development.

Ida Thomasdotter Jansson

CFO at Kubicom. MBA with previous experience working with finance in several different industries.

Jacob Edholm
Business developer

Works with Kubicom's business development. Has previous sales experience and is passionate about finding effective and long-term business solutions for the individual customer.

Johan Andersson
Integration Designer

Working with usability and design of the Kubicom platform. Previously worked with design in advertising for several different companies.

Molly Johnsson
Marketing Assistant

Marketing assistant at Kubicom. Has previous experience with customer relations, marketing and media.

Peter Mattisson
Executive Chairman

Long-term entrepreneur and company manager. The founder of, among others, Avalon Innovation, one of Sweden’s most award winning consultancy companies, as well as a number of other companies. Board member of, among others, Blekinge Institute of Technology.

Rasmus Åkesson
Integration Designer

Responsible for usability and design of the Kubicom platform. Previously worked with design in advertising, system and visualization of data in different projects for several different companies.