Quality assurance and minimizing of risk as a business concept

Working with quality assurance is a cornerstone of our business concept. As a close partner of both clients and suppliers, we are a vital link in the supply chain. Working with quality and environmental responsibility are therefore self-evident to us.

An innovation – for the environment too
Our philosophy for successful environmental work is to make use of modern technology and to integrate this in the management of machine and transport services. A long term approach to environmental work is demonstrated by a method of working which creates financial incentives and added value for both clients and suppliers of machine and transport services. Kubicom’s working method is adapted to reality and generates an order and tidiness that reduces environmental impact and unnecessary use of everything from diesel to consumables.

We generate the right conditions for quality
Obtaining the right resource, in the right place, at the right time, combined with simple reporting, creates the right conditions for quality. The simplicity that Kubicom gives the supplier in reporting and managing day to day work via a telephone app is the basis of the quality chain. The project manager is able to use the continuous follow-up to monitor the work and quickly become aware of any non-conformance and take action. The complete transparency which exists between the client and the supplier generates solidarity and therefore quality in the work. Kubicom’s routines for approval of work carried out make the administrative tasks easy for both the customer and the supplier.

Customers and suppliers are able to track events, recreate conversations and monitor each other in real time at all times. This raises quality at all levels.

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