privacy policy

Learn more about how Kubicom manages the new data protection regulation (GDPR) and take part of our various privacy and data protection policies.

Kubicom welcomes the new data protection regulation and we are dedicated to ensuring that the requirements of the new legislation are met. After careful analysis and investigation, we have taken the necessary steps to meet the requirements of the GDPR, which means that Kubicom is fully compatible with GDPR, for both customers and contractors.

Protecting security and privacy of our users is one of our most fundamental tasks. Therefore, we work continuously and methodically with data protection and security. Below you can read more about how we work to secure your personal information:


1. Introduction

This privacy policy describes how Kubicom AB (Kubicom, we, us or our), corp. reg. no.556837-3079, at the address Pirgatan 13, 374 35 Karlshamn, process user personal data.

We have two primary goals with this policy: To explain to you why and how we use the data that we collect and process.

We believe that this privacy policy should answer any and all of your questions about our processing and protection of your personal data. However should any additional questions arise, do not hesitate to contact us at


2. Personal data we process

In this section you can find what personal data we process. Kubicom collects and process personal data when creating your account. We collect personal data, among other things, for the purpose of enabling the purchase of machine- and transportation resources, sharing project information between project participants and for facilitating contacts between clients and contractors.

Generally we collect the data you write in our forms when becoming a Member. Data can also be collected from contractors on the behalf of our clients when setting up the account of the client. Note that we do not always collect and/or process all of the data described below. We also collect your data when you register for one of our events or webinars.

Contact information: Your Name(s), Email, Telephone number and information regarding the organization you represent as well as any agreements you have entered into with us on your or your organizations behalf.

User account information: Username, Password and Role

Usage data: We store your access rights, including who has access to prices and order requests. We also store your reported services.

Positioning: The Kubicom platform offers an optional GPS-function. When enabled the GPS tracks your position, logs speed and route. If you wish to turn off the GPS, do so in the settings on your mobile phone/tablet/computer. In certain cases, your employer and/or customer might require you to report your location. In this case Kubicom stores this data on behalf of the parties. For further information please contact your employer/customer or us at

Browser information: When using the Kubicom platform or visiting our website we store your browser information including type and version of your browser, your IP-address and a rough location estimate based on your IP-address. We also store information about website from which you have been referred and your web activity on our site.


3. Reasons that we process personal data

Here we describe why we process your data and outline the reasons for our processing.


3.1 Provide our services

To be able to communicate and provide you with the services that Kubicom offers we need to collect and process the data listed in section 2. This includes providing you access to Kubicom, enabling specific functionality, providing support, training and general information regarding our services. We process the personal data to fulfil our contractual obligations towards you and our customer.


3.2 Improve our services

In an effort to improve our services (such as; features, user interface, support, troubleshooting, customer satisfaction, data analysis, testing, research, and statistical purposes) we process your personal data. It is in our legitimate interest that we process this data for the purpose of improving our service.


3.3 Communication

We use your data in our communication to inform you about the latest updates in the Kubicom platform and news from the industry. The purpose of this is to optimize your use of the Kubicom platform and keep you up to date about what is going on in the market.


4. How we handle your personal data


4.1 Where your data is stored

We strive to always store your data within EU/EES, however in certain situations we will need to transfer and process some of the data outside of the EU/EES by a supplier or sub processor.


4.2 How your data is stored and transferred securely

All personal data that we process, store and transfer is handled according to industry standards that include managing user names and passwords in a safe way. We always prefer to use internationally recognized security standards. Kubicom will take all reasonable legal, technical and organisational measures to ensure that your data is secure and treated with protection in line with the level that EU/ESS state.

4.3 Retention time

We only keep your data as long as it is necessary for us to complete our contractual obligations. We will automatically delete the data if it has been requested via our system or by mail, unless we have legitimate reasons not to do so.

4.4 Marketing

We use your email address to send you newsletters, to inform you about latest updates in the Kubicom platform and news from the industry. If you no longer wish to receive these emails, please use the unsubscribe link or contact us at We will then delete your contact information in our email system.

Kubicom does not forward email addresses, phone numbers or other personal information about our customers to third-parties in marketing purposes.

We also store information about your interaction in emails we send to you.


5. Your legal rights

As an individual you remain the rights to: 

  • Request extracts of the information Kubicom has stored about you.
  • Get incorrect data corrected. 
  • Have your personal information deleted when Kubicom no longer has legal right or purpose to keep the data.
  • Limit processing of your personal data, such as blocking deletion or changing data in case of a dispute.
  • Get your data in electronic readable format, if technically possible.
  • Invert against processing of personal data based on legitimate interest.

6. Further information about your personal data

If you have further questions about how/why/where we process your personal data, please
contact us at