Employee in focus: "Through transparency, clarity and simplicity, we create good opportunities for successful projects"

Hi Oscar! Who are you and what are you doing at Kubicom?
I work at Kubicom as business area manager with very close contact with both clients and suppliers. In addition, I work very close to our own development department and have the benefit of being involved when Kubicom is constantly improving and getting new requested features. My background is from the software and consulting world where I spent my entire work life, of which the last ten years in digitalization of the banking and finance industry.


Why do you think Kubicom is a smart solution?
The best thing about Kubicom is that our platform promotes cooperation between market players. Through transparency, clarity and simplicity, we create good opportunities for successful projects. Kubicom is also there throughout the life cycle of the project and digitizes key elements in planning / procurement, implementation and follow-up. Because we deliver our platform as a cloud service and provide real-time information, no matter where you are and what kind of device you use, we’re future-proofed and the starting distance for joining Kubicom is minimal.


What inspires you?
Being part of a world of constant change, where we have the opportunity to really influence a very exciting industry, is extremely inspiring. It’s also incredible fun to see how Kubicom is being used on the field and how it in our users’ lives creates better conditions for them to focus on their true tasks. In addition, we are a wonderful team at Kubicom, where I have the benefit of working with competent and fun colleagues.


What are the biggest challenges?
The idea with ​​Kubicom makes both us and our users to sometimes think differently and change invasive working methods. It is always associated with challenges to take the step from something you know well to something new and better that we must continue to simplify. To get the most out of our platform, cooperation between client and supplier is incredibly important. The challenge for us lies in convincing both sides all the time, it is not enough for one side to see all the benefits. It is also a part that we must constantly work on and focus our power on. Good cooperation creates profits for all parties.


Where do you see Kubicom in 10 years?
I see that Kubicom is a very well-reputed and incorporated concept. Kubicom will be the first to think of when it comes to ordering or delivering construction, transport and construction services. In addition, I am fully convinced that we have received great international dissemination and work at European level. It will be a great trip to join!