NEWS: Longed for chat feature

Our talented developers continue to deliver useful features to Kubicom. Nowadays there is a chat feature that can be used in three different ways for better communication between project participants.

The latest update of Kubicom launched a brand new feature, namely a chat feature that works in three different ways – one-to-one chat, order chat and project chat. The new feature supports both images and text, making it even easier to share construction design and documents to all involved in the project or order.

One-to-one chat

The one-to-one chat allows two people to contact each other through Kubicomb. A contractor can start a conversation with a customer or a customer can start one with a contractor. This chat is reached from My Contacts.

Order chat

Can be initiated by a client or contractor who has got access to the order. Then the chat is connected to the order can be seen by everyone who has access to it. The chat opens in the app or desktop by accessing the current order.

Project chat

The project chat can be initiated by all project participants (all listed on the start page of the project under Settings -> Projects). Start the chat by clicking on the project via an order. When a conversation occurs, all members of the project will be included and can follow all posts. To add new people to see and join the chat, they must be added to the project.