NEW FEATURE: Daily reporting with photos, comments and coordinates

In Kubicom’s latest update, several new exciting features are launched. It is now possible to attach information such as pictures, comments and coordinates to your daily reporting. The new features make it not only easier for contractors to document their work, but it also creates a good hub of information for the future.


By updating your Kubicom app to the latest version, you now have the opportunity to add position, photos, and comments to your daily reporting. The information is linked to the service and the order, making it easy to collect the data afterwards. In addition to the new features a lot of fixes have been made.

Rapportering koordinater funktion reporting


Report your position

By stopping your ongoing service in the Kubicom app, you will reach the reporting screen. You can then choose to report your current position or move the cursor to the place you want to document. If you do not want to show your position, you can easily turn it off.


You can choose to add an image to your reporting by clicking the camera icon. For example, by taking a photo of a big rock or a broken cable, and connecting the image to the service, it can thereby easily be reported to your end customer with all the information collected.