Report your performed services as a supplier through our digital tool

Reporting executed services as a supplier of services within the construction business has previously been done through handwritten notes. Manual handling leads to errors which in the long run also contributes to the incorrect numbers to the end customer. Through Kubicom’s digital platform, you can report executed services, day by day, and at the same time attach photos, coordinates and comments to the reported service.



Log in to the Kubicom app, select the order you are currently working on or create a new one. Then click Start. Do the same thing at the end of the day to stop the order and report today’s performed services. Once you click on Stop, you will see the form below. Here you fill in the details according to the instructions below. Click Add.

redovisa tjänster till kund            redovisa tjänster till kund



Service – Select the service you performed. The last reported service is default.

Amount – A suggested number of hours worked appears. If this does not match reality, change the number here. Quantity can be used for all types of quantities, not only hours.

Starting time – A proposal is shown here, if this does not match reality, change the time and date here.

Type of work – Select the work type you performed (if there are choices available).

Comment – Fill in any comments you want to share with your project manager and customer. Comments may describe deviations or other information related to the work you have just performed.

Map – By moving the map with two fingers, you can place the red needle at a specific location to report coordinates.

Photo – Clicking on the camera icon lets you attach an image to your reported services.



Once you have added the performed services, you can view an overview of the order. The new service/services you reported are now listed here. If you click the field marked with a red border below, you will be able to see attached  comments, position and image.  If you want to add more information (text, image / file) related to the specific service you have reported, you can do so by using the features at the bottom of the screen.

ändra redovisade tjänster till kund         bilder koordinater rapportering