Kubicom's most read construction news this year

Before we welcome the coming year and all its upcoming news, we will take a look back on Kubicom’s most readable building and construction news in the past year. Have you missed any of the news? Then take your time to read them straight away!


First place: NOW, More than 700 resources are now available through Kubicom

In a solid first place, we find the news about the boost for one of the Nordic region’s largest network of suppliers. Read more about the boost for Kubicom in this article.

Read more about the upswing for Kubicom here >



Second place: Eltel Networks Oy initiates collaboration agreement with Kubicom

Placing second, was the article about the initiated collaboration between Kubicom and Eltel Networks Oy, a leading northern European provider of technical services in infrastructure. Read more about the collaboration agreement and how it benefits the digitization of the industry in general, in the article published this summer.

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Third place: Infrastructure minister Tomas Eneroth about Kubicom: “Talk about efficiency!”

This summer, infrastructure minister Tomas Eneroth visited, NetPort Science Park, where among others Kubicom, together with several companies in the CIMON Group, are stationed. In the afternoon, Oscar Alvarsson, Business Area Manager at Kubicom, presented our digital platform, the efficiency it provides and what opportunities there are. Read more about the visit in the article which were published in May.

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