Sundbergs Åkeri AB becomes part of Kubicom's digital supplier network

Approximately 800 trucks and machines are now connected to Kubicom’s digital supplier network. The latest addition to the network is Sundbergs Åkeri AB, a family-owned third-generation company with about 20 employee. Sundbergs Åkeri AB offer their lift- and transport services primarily in Western Götaland, but also to several other places around the country.

Transport and construction work are large part of Sundbergs Åkeri’s operations and they carry out all kinds of jobs, both large and small. With load exchangers, tridem cars, cassette cars and excavators – loaders, shafts and material transport are performed.

By creating a free-of-charge request through Kubicom, you can reach Sundbergs Åkeri AB and our other suppliers around the Nordic region through a few clicks.

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