Kubicom launches task handling function for construction projects

No more wait or frustration regarding who should do what. Kubicom is now launching a task handling function where project members can assign different statuses to the order. In addition, the order can be transferred between project members.


With the upcoming task handling functionality in Kubicom, it’s possible to tag an order with different statuses and share the order among project members.

– The task handling will give our order functionality a new dimension, says Håkan Johansson, Product manager at Kubicom. A machinist can with a few clicks change the status of the order and assign it to another person who immediately knows what to do.

On sites today, there are usually long waiting times between different tasks of an order that is to be performed by several different people. It can be difficult to communicate where in the workflow you are and it is not always known who is doing what.

– The new function will make it clear to all involved, both executors and supervisors, the status of the order and whose turn it is to do what. In addition, with a map view, it is possible to get a quick and accurate overview of the status of the various parts of the project.

The status modes that are available for selection are configured at the start of the project by the manager of each project. Thus, it is possible to tailor status modes completely according to your own business.

– Of course, it is optional to use the task handling functionality. For some businesses, the previous order management works fine, concludes Håkan.

The feature has been requested by both customers and suppliers and will be available in conjunction with Kubicom’s upcoming release.