Digital platform for purchasing machine and transport resources is now launched in Finland

Kubicom’s digital platform for purchasing machine and transport services is now being launched in Finland. Up until now the platform has been enabling digital purchasing of machine and transport services for the Swedish market only. From now on, Kubicom can also be used in neighboring Finland for the same purpose.

– The internationalization of Kubicom is a real milestone – not only for us, but also for our clients and contractors. The Finnish version is an important part of the collaboration initiated with Eltel Networks Oy, but it is also a foundation for the continued spread of Kubicom in the Nordic region, says Anders Olsson, CEO of Kubicom.

The internationalization includes extensive system updates concerning, among other things, currencies, company settings and configurations as well as translation of the system from Swedish to Finnish. The development during the spring has led to the fact that Kubicom’s platform is now compatible with the Finnish machine and transport market.

– The internationalization gives Finnish construction and energy companies an opportunity to work digitally in a unique way – just as we have already made possible in Sweden, concludes Anders Olsson.


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