Hamneda Grus & Åkeri initiates agreement with Kubicom

Hamneda Grus & Åkeri AB is now initiating an agreement together with Kubicom, a digital broker of machine and transport services.

The purpose of the agreement is to digitize several previous analog and time-consuming workflows for Hamneda and their customers. At the same time Kubicom, with the help of Hamneda, will receive input, valuable for the future development of the platform.

– Through Kubicom, together with our customers, we are now able to handle requests, orders and project management digitally. Simplification and transparency between our customers and us create better conditions for structure. This will reduce unnecessary costs for both parties, says Ronny Gustavsson, CEO of Hamneda Grus & Åkeri.

The cooperation between Kubicom and Hamneda is expected to help digitize and streamline the classical entrepreneurial role, where utilization of digital tools enables positive changes.

– Our customers are all satisfied with our new way of working, as they have the opportunity to continuously monitor the projects in real time. This means our customers will see possible delays at an early stage, and thereby inform us about the quantity of resources needed. This gives us better conditions for our planning, concludes Michael Karlsson, transport manager at Hamneda Grus & Åkeri.

Kubicom has since spring 2018 also a cooperation agreement with Eltel Networks Oy to ensure compatibility for companies in the infranet and energy industries.


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About Kubicom
Kubicom is an independent machine and transport broker that assists building and construction companies to purchase machine and transport services from centres and individual machine and vehicle owners. The purchase more quickly and cost effectively through our digital platform and thereby increase quality from start to finish.


About Hamneda Grus & Åkeri AB
Hamneda Grus & Åkeri deliver machine and transport services for both large and small projects. Among their clients are major contractors like PEAB, NCC and municipalities, but also smaller local entrepreneurs in the region. Hamneda Grus & Åkeri is characterized by presence and personal service.