PART 2: Daily processes that you can digitize – how and why?

This is one of four parts of the article series “Why you should digitize your business and how to do it” which will be published during July. The articles contain inspiration and concrete advice for those who think about digitizing their business. Enjoyed just as well on your lunch break, as at your summer resort.


You have decided to digitize your business. But where do you start and which parts of the business can you digitize? We will explain!


Loose notes in the car become digital transport notes

Sick of signing unreadable, handwritten transport notes filed several weeks late? Delayed and unreadable transport notes will not only annoy you but also delay billing to your end customer. If the end customer then has questions about certain hours or deviations, it becomes difficult for the operator to remember what happened during those hours several weeks after the job has been completed.

By digitizing your transport notes, you will save both time, money and administration. Through a couple of clicks on your mobile, the machine operator or the driver can report, for example, hours, materials and supplement attached with a comment and picture. This way, all transport notes are collected digitally in no time and any questions from your customer are noticed straight away.


Approve services right away

A pile of crumpled notes on your desk every Friday afternoon with eager drivers and engineers who want them signed, before signing out for the weekend. The risk of something being approved, that should not be approved, is big. One inaccurate note may not be the end of the world, but, many a little makes a mickle…

If you start digitizing your banknotes according to the section above, then the digitization of approved services will become a simple match. As soon as a driver or engineer has reported their work digitally, you can go and review the reporting, and then ask the operator eventual questions or immediately approve the services.


Saved communication

End of ambiguity about who said what and to whom. In addition, we know that trying to get hold of your drivers or engineers can be frustrating.

Agreeing on things over the phone is a major source of error. By instead providing digital comments linked to reported services or by chatting with everyone involved in the current assignment or project, you can effectively follow and retrieve conversations afterwards. So – end of ambiguities about who said what and to whom.